Arran Heaton BSc, Audio Production

As a young producer trying to jump into one of the toughest industries, I have faced a lot of prejudice due to my age. In autumn 2013, I was fortunate enough to secure a place at 21:12 music community in Wigan, Greater Manchester. Over 6 months I worked my way up from a coffee boy to assistant producer, to systems manager, this is where I got my first real go at running the day to day operations of a business.   

In this position, I realised I was doing all the work whilst receiving less of the credit, as the company director still had to check over my work and decisions. The company, unfortunately, closed in the spring of 2015.

Shortly afterward, I was blessed again with an opportunity to open a new recording studio with my 2 of my former colleagues and best friends from 21:12, Mark & Hellen.  Running my own business was a much more rewarding work experience, it gave me total control of the of the direction of the company and allowed me to make ideas happen instantly, and not just be a cog in the corporate machine. 

I left Liberty Sound at the end of 2015 to continue into higher education at SAE Liverpool from which I graduated with a BSc(Hons) Audio Production.  Over the 2 years of higher study, I have worked as a freelance sound engineer for multiple clients (Click here to see a list of recent sessions)  including the BBC, Manchester council & Cancer Research UK.